What is peace?

Peace can mean different things to different people. Ultimately though, peace is a state of perfection when everything is as it should be. But this is not the case here on earth and it has not been so for a very long time. Things all started off so well, long ago, in heaven. Where our first parents had everything they needed…
They had peace.

And then it happened…

Our original parents, Adam & Eve, broke the peace they had enjoyed by thinking that they could be like God. Death entered our world and all was destroyed.

Our parents exchanged the peace they had with unrest. Since then we have all wandered in exile, far away from peace. And yet, deep down, we know that life ought to be better.

#The PeaceMaker

The PeaceMaker knows everything about exile. He left his home to make peace for us. But, when he came, his message of peace and reconciliation was rejected by all.

The PeaceMaker, was eventually killed by the same people he came to give peace to. And yet, in his death, he took upon himself our disquiet and our brokenness and restored the peace our parents had previously known between man and God. Now, the exiles are welcome to return home through him, because he has made peace.

You may have heard the famous words ‘He will make peace upon us’. But who was the prophet Isaiah witing about? ThePeaceMaker is Jesus. Yes, Jesus. The one who was said to hate us, the one whose name was distorted because we hated him. The same one whose book so many of us are afraid to read. This same one is The PeaceMaker. He is not our great enemy, he is not a foreign god, he is not a traitor – he is one of us. And he gave himself up so that we could be reconciled to God and receive true peace.

What if it’s real?

What if he really can bring peace to our troubled lives? Jewish people all over the world know that Jesus is the minister of peace

Click on the links below to hear about how these Jewish people met The PeaceMaker (videos in Hebrew with English subtitles) 

So what about you?

What do you think about peace? We’d like to know more and get to know you. 

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